About Us

Travel is something that’s hard to define because each of us has our own thoughts of what the ultimate form of travel looks like. We go to get away from the tumult of our lives: The desires, schedules and requests put upon us that influence us to feel like we’re always stuck.
We can unplug regardless of where we are, out and about or at home, so we can reconnect to what we truly cherish.
2Gypsy Souls is the travel stories of two friends – Partha and Avishek . We are explorers by energy. The two of us are full time in benefit, yet can’t disregard the ethereal magnificence of the mountains or the tremendous serenity of the oceans. So, at whatever point we have sufficient energy, we just gather our sacks and wander towards the obscure.
We have been voyaging together since 2014. A fortunate visit to the Taki in  West bengal changed us discreetly from minor visitors to craving for new experiences explorers. We essentially wish to travel India, investigate its flawless excellence, encounter its societies and foods and let the world think about it. We would like to move every one of the individuals who continue deferring their excursion anticipates later, to begin finding the delights of voyaging. We will be cheerful if our travel stories rouse others to head out and to understand their fantasies.
Feel free to contact us and share your thoughts and opinion.